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Introducing Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor

Introducing Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor – where the future of haircolor meets a personalized touch!

Our in-salon, care-infused color collection goes beyond expectations, offering long-lasting results and breathtaking shine, all while keeping your hair’s integrity intact, thanks to our exclusive ProArginine + ArganID® System.

The heart of Moroccanoil Professional Haircolor lies in cutting-edge technology! ProArginine, a natural amino acid in your hair, teams up with ArganID® to provide unmatched protection during the color process. It’s not just color; it’s a holistic haircare experience!

Benefits that Speak Volumes:

  • Experience a dazzling 64% increase in shine.*
  • Revel in overall scalp comfort, as reported by 96% of our delighted clients.**
  • Embrace salon-fresh color for a remarkable 9+ weeks.***

Now, let’s dive into the Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Color, a gem within the MOROCCANOIL PROFESSIONAL HAIRCOLOR COLLECTION.

What’s Demi-Permanent Color? While semi-permanent colors flirt on the surface, and permanent colors dive deep, demi-permanent color strikes the perfect balance. It gently penetrates the hair’s outer cuticle, offering a vibrant hue without the commitment. Applied by trained stylists, it’s your ticket to a fresh look without compromising hair health.

Who’s it For? Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Haircolor is tailor-made for flexibility – those who love to switch up their haircolor frequently, refresh existing shades, or embark on a colorful journey. It’s versatility at its best!

What Sets Moroccanoil Demi-Permanent Color Apart? Our Color Calypso line boasts user-friendly, low-commitment formulas, allowing for a myriad of tonal possibilities like balayage and highlights. Plus, with our revolutionary PROARGININE + ARGANID® SYSTEM, you not only get stunning color but also hair that’s 56% more conditioned and manageable on average. It’s color care that goes the extra mile!

Proven Benefits:

  • Enjoy 56% more conditioned and manageable hair, on average.
  • Preserve your hair’s integrity effortlessly.
  • Revel in salon-vibrant color for a fantastic 9+ weeks.*
  • Elevate your color experience with Moroccanoil – where innovation meets individuality!

*Based on an average of 3 hair washes a week.

By Stephen Buchanan