Why choose microblading ?

About microblading 

Microblading eyebrow shaping and sculpture is a semi-permanent makeup solution for those that want perfect brows all of the time!

This technique simulates each individual brow hair creating a lifelike eyebrow shape that is colour matched, shaped perfectly to your face and applied in the same direction of the growth of your existing brow hair

The process involves depositing a naturally derived organic pigment into the upper region of the dermis so the pigment is not permanent and will fade away gradually over time

Why choose Microblading ?

Saving you time everyday from drawing and shaping your brows with pencil

You can swim, work out and wake up with perfect brows every time

Information to know when choosing Microblading

Process time 3 – 4 hours

Return 4 weeks after application for re-touching to complete the process

Duration of use: 1-2 years

The pigment used is an organic product from Europe completely safe to use on any skin type

Natural colour shades matching your skin tone

We will first draw on the brow to agree on the shape before applying the pigment

Using  topical anaesthetic, you will not feel pain or discomfort during the process

There is no recovery time and your eyebrows will not be red or swollen

Contact us directly for any advice or questions you may have about the service and we will be delighted to assist you