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Nạp lại hộp lọc vòi hoa sen Philips


Remove chlorine and impurities

Ivory white


NSF certified KDF to remove chlorine and impurities

The filter is made of NSF certified KDF which can remove residual chlorine and impurities such as rust and sediments so that you can enjoy a comfortable and refreshing shower with clean water.

High water flow offers an enjoyable shower experience

A powerful and smooth water flow of 8L per minute for an enjoyable shower experience.

Anti-scald material to ensure safe use

The housing is made of anti-scald material which fully adapts to the temperature of hot water from conventional water heaters, ensuring safe usage.

Simply discard the one-piece filter after use

Convenient and safe to discard the one-piece filter after use, avoiding secondary pollution.

Technical Specifications

Purification system Chlorine removal Yes

Filter specifications Replacement filter cartridge AWP175

Filtration capacity 50000L

Main filter media KDF

Input water quality Municipal tap water

Input water temperature 5-60  °C

Input water pressure 0.15-0.4MPa  bar

Country of origin System China


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Mô tả

Clean water for a refreshing shower